2021-Current DMAX/BT-50 Power Distribution Module



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Does not fit models fitted with halogen headlights! (base model dmax/bt50)


2021-current D'Max/BT50 (4jj3) PDM kit, is the ultimate electrical accessory panel, designed to fit perfectly into the space in front of the battery.

Designed to give you almost everything you'll ever need in a 12v electrical setup. By utilizing both sides of the mounting plate, we have been able to pack in twice as much equipment, MIDI fuses, blade fuses, busbars, relays, and more.... 

What equipment is included?

- Littlefuse PDM unit (3 MIDI fuses, 4 ATO blade fuses capacity)

- 4x Song Chuan 50A quality relays

- Single, 250A earth/neutral stud

- 4 post Blue Sea Systems busbar

- TJM safety switch/ winch isolator

- DTP flange connector/ 4 pin DTP plug

- Size 12 solid DTP terminals/size 12 crimp terminals (both types of terminals included) 

- Also included is a Bussmann 300A main battery fuse, and 70mm2 pre crimped main battery cable

Having the main earth stud, and both the 4-post busbar and winch isolator ensures the battery is kept neat and tidy, as all mains connections can be done under the plate.

The DTP connector is a new idea, this allows a "pass through" connection between the top, and bottom of the plate, while keeping connections neat, tidy and waterproof. There are a number of different ways this connector can be used; some examples are shown below. Both solid, and crimp DTP terminals are provided, this allows for flexibility with tooling. 

Simple installation, using factory mounts, and the battery clamp bolt, no drilling required! Constructed from 2mm stainless steel for ultimate strength and durability.

The PDM connector comes prewired, with enough length to terminate whichever way you choose.


The PDM unit requires 90° cable lugs. Here is a list of sizes that work:

- 4mm-8

- 6mm-8

- 10mm-8

- 16mm-10-90°

- 25mm-10-90°

- 35mm-10-90°

- 50mm-10-90°


we have most sizes in stock here >>> cable lugs>>>

Solid crimp tool can be found here >>> size 12 solid crimper >>>

F type crimp tool can be found here >>> size 12 f type crimper >>>


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