About Us

Mil-Spec Designs started in early 2019, with the goal of shifting away from using cheap, inferior products and materials involved in the 12-volt accessory industry.

The genesis point was a solo camping trip down the snowy mountains of NSW. I pulled into the campground, noticing the driving lights were dimmer than normal. I opened up the bonnet and checked the fuse, which was fine, and realised on closer inspection, the main wire from the battery had corroded all the way through, snapping the wire, feeding the fuse to the lightbar. 

This was the moment that sparked intense research into finding something " better " than what's sold at the major automotive retailers. I realised the materials and parts used in professional motorsport, and even amateur motorsport were well superior to what was offered to the 4x4 community. Particularly the wire, cable protection, and fusing options.

This is why we started to integrate spec44/55 wire, DR25 heat shrink, and PDM units in our designs!. Most of these race grade parts carry a " MIL ' specification. This is where Mil-Spec designs came from.


Mounting solutions and " brackets " came later. It all started with the PX2 Ford Ranger, you can see here the first model of mounting plate, hand bent and spray painted!


We have come a long way from this first attempt, now utilizing advanced 3D scanning, CNC laser cutting and bending, and integrating quality 3D printed components into the mounting plates themselves. 




We will continue to grow and expand our offerings to the 4x4 community, and bring forward new, innovative products and design to match!


Luke, Founder/Owner Mil-Spec Designs