70 Series Basic Setup Kit (post DPF 2016-2023)



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Small, compact, and minimal, while still managing to squeeze in 3x relays, 2 midi fuse holders, and an 8-way blue sea systems ATO fuse block, the 70 series BSK is the perfect addition to keep all your wiring neat and tidy! Unit itself mounts around the stock power outlet box on the driver's side.


The combination of right-angle lugs, and micro midi holders ensures the overall footprint of the plate is as small as possible. With standard lugs and fuse holders, the design would be much larger.


Designed to work with both the JMAX brake booster upgrade, and western filters dual catch can bracket ( OS-PROV-30B ). 

MAY work with other brand catch can/ filter brackets, but this is untested at this stage.

Kit contains:

- Accessory plate and required mounting bolts (stainless plate + fixings)

- 2x micro midi fuse holders (Fuses sold separate) 

- 4x 90° copper cable lugs (your choice on size)

- 4x lengths of Raychem heat shrink (for the lugs)

- 3x Song Chuan 50A relays

- Blue Sea Systems 8-way fuse block

- 8x 12AWG ring terminals and required heat shrink for the Blue Sea fuse block

All components are pre-assembled using stainless fixings, prior to shipping.


Note: supplied heatshrink must be used to prevent any potential contact with the copper lug, and stainless plate. The plate and cutouts have been designed with clearance, but for added security, heatshrink must be used.

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