Ford Ranger PX2/PX3/Raptor/5th Gen Power Distribution Module kit V2



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The long awaited, PX2/PX3/Raptor power distribution module does not disappoint!

Packing in as much gear as physically possible, to give you maximum efficiency, in such a small, awkward area. This unit has been designed to give you almost everything you'll ever need in an under bonnet, 12v electrical setup!

For our international customers, the PDM plate also fits the 2.3l 5th gen (USA).

This unit provides so many options for that complete off-road setup, you can mount those 4 Stedi relays, run fused power for BC-DC chargers, air compressors, CB radio's, canopy power, winch isolator, etc... the options are endless, all while keeping things neat, tidy, and professional.


V2 now includes a blue sea systems 100A bussbar instead of the power post. This gives you more space to terminate your ground connections! 

Note: please select which engine you have, 3.2l (px2/px3), 2.0l (px3/raptor), or 2.3l (USA) this selection will dictate which version of plate/bracket you receive. Installation is the same regardless. 


What equipment is included?

- Littlefuse/Blue Sea Systems PDM unit (3 MIDI fuses, 4 ATO blade fuses capacity)

- 4x 50A song chuan relays

- 100A Blue Sea Systems bussbar

- TJM safety switch/ winch isolator

- Prewired, 4-way waterproof PDM connector, with 300mm long tails

- Also included is a Bussmann 300A main battery fuse, and 70mm2 pre crimped main battery cable

No cutting or drilling required, the unit mounts to the chassis thanks to a small, relocation bracket for the glow plug relay, which mounts down low, on the side of the battery tray.

2mm stainless construction, as well as stainless fixings ensures maximum durability.

There are many different ways and configurations the unit can be wired, one of the most common methods is shown below:

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