Ford Ranger PX2/PX3/Raptor/5th Gen Basic Setup Kit (BSK)



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The basic setup kit or BSK for short is an in between model of accessory system, designed to fill the gap between a plain blank plate, and a high power PDM module. It's a cost-effective solution, saving you time and money without the need to modify, cut and drill a blank plate.

The unit features high quality components from Blue Sea Systems, Bussmann, and more.

Fits both the 3.2l PX2/3, the 2.0l bi turbo models, as well as the 5th gen ranger for our American friends!

What's included in the kit?

- Accessory plate and bracket + required fixings

- 2x MIDI fuse holders (Fuses sold separate) 

- 4x 90° copper cable lugs (your choice on size)

- 4x lengths of Raychem heat shrink (for the lugs)

- 4x Song Chuan 50A relays

- Blue Sea Systems 8-way fuse block

- 250A single power junction post


4, 50A Song Chuan relays are supplied, which bolt onto the provided flange at the back of the plate, keeping connections out of sight, giving that clean finish.

The large cut-out in the centre of the plate is for the A/C refill stalk in the PX3 biturbo's. In the 3.2l, this can be used to pass wiring down from the junction post (if mounted top side).

As with everything we offer, 2mm stainless construction, and for the first time, the mounting bracket is pre nutserted, allowing for even easier installation!


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