Ford Ranger PX2/PX3/Raptor/5th Gen Blank Plate V2



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The blank plate v2, is a redesigned version of the popular original blank plate for the px2/3/raptor versions of the ford ranger.

For our international customers, the blank plate also fits the 2.3l 5th gen ranger (USA). 

The v2 version now includes a secondary bracket to mount the glow plug relay down low, out of the way. The plate also includes a flanged edge, with 4 predrilled, M5 mounting holes, for relays and other accessories. Including this flanged mounting edge, allows us to save space on the top surface, and the ability to shave a small amount off each edge, helping with installation.

Plate also includes a slight cut-out around the intercooler pipe, ensuring whether you have a PX2, PX3, or aftermarket intercooler pipes, there is adequate clearance.

This redesigned version now makes it easier to fit even more accessories into your electrical fitout! You can now fit fuse blocks, winch isolators, and relays, with space to spare. 

2mm stainless construction and fixings provides ultimate strength, and superior corrosion resistance.

Included in the kit:

- Blank plate + mounting bracket

- Pre installed, stainless rivnuts for ease of installation

- Glow plug relay relocation bracket

- Required stainless fixings for both brackets

- Installation instructions 

Note: please select which engine you have, 3.2l (px2/px3), 2.0l (px3/raptor), or 2.3l (USA) this selection will dictate which version of plate/bracket you receive. Installation is the same regardless. 

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Customer Reviews

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Clive Smith
Under bonnet blank plate

Fitted this plate to PX2 Ranger, allowing for plenty usable space to fit 4 midi fuse block and large mega fuse to power DCDC and ESC for caravan. Makes all wiring neat, tidy & safe. Well designed product and very useful.

Anthony Martin
2017 Everest

Was extremely impressed with the quality of the plate
Very easy to install and looks great
All electric add ons are nice and tidy now

Aaron Rodriguez
Not fit

Quality is great! But does not fit on ranger raptor 2022.

Zack Agius
Perfect 12V addition

Absolutely stoked with the Milspec blank plate. There's very little room in the Ranger engine bay, and this makes everything so much easier. The plate was very easy to install, and made plenty of room of useless space. Highly recommend!

Paul Olsen
Ford ranger plate

Good quality plate, would recommend cutting it slightly shorter to allow cabling. We cut off the "C" and that allowed enough room to feed cable and cover effectively.